Chapter 4 – Erina’s Struggle

Erina’s Struggle

(TL Note: part 1+2 is out. looks like this chapter can be separated in a few parts, so I will update it till all parts are done. At the moment I don’t have much time because I need to learn for my exams, but I will try translating 1 h each day.)

I, Sirius, became three years old.


My body grows bigger and it grows up so much that there is no problem to run around.

I should mention, at the moment I am running at the garden.

Although my body get a burden I keep running with a certain pace, when I exceeds my limit I rest, and then I run again.


“Phew, today’s part is finished.”


I handle today’s quota and start to finish.

Next to me lies Noel, who kept company at my marathon under the pretense of diet, is asleep.


“Hi~i…..Hi~i…..Si, Sirius-sama…..Why…..are you… calm…..”

“Your stamina is low because you didn’t run with your own pace.”

“Wa, wa–…..”


Finally, with those words Noel is exhausted.

Though it was half of what I did, was it that hard for her?

I wonder about her physical endurance while finishing my exercises.

At the same time, Erina presented me a towel and the drink.


“You’ve done well, Master Sirius.”

“Thank you, Erina.”


By the way, Erina asked me to call her without honorific, so I take it to  heart. While I drink the water I look towards my feet where Dee is taking care of Noel.

Though these two people have opposite character, they seem to be compatible due to the close age.


“Don’t overdo things”

“Thank you…..Phew, very much”


Erina smiles gently by the two people’s view. I too am watching them with a desperate/fobbery face. However I left behind the young people to take care of the body. I place the previous drawn well water, and my new face is reflected in it. I understand the personality of the three years old face, I think its not a bad one. The hair is black and the eyes give a soft impression. It is a rather cute than handsome face. Even If I compare it with the 3 faces there is not a big gap, I think it has no wild characteristic. It seems not to be a miss, confirming it for the first time I’m relief. However, the power of the insight shall not be insufficient. Because influence other people is also depended on the appearance, this gentle face will be a minus – I guess it will be an issue in the near future. After finishing the physique training, next will be the magic practice. At this chance a three year old could show the three how to use magic. Their stares was like as if time stopped and this motion stopping was a considerable view.


“Master Sirius, Dee and I will return because it’s noon soon.”

“I see. I will return after the magic practice.”


Although physical strength is nice, but I still need to forge the magical firmly. [light] could only hold out for 10 seconds, but now it could sustain for over a minute. It is 6 times more with a simple calculation. As written by the book this growth is abnormal. Considering  a motive to grasped the magics know-how, there are various practices in the early stage of one-year-old. However, I think that the cycles speed is the best. Wringing the magical power to the limit, if its restored then I repeat to wring again. Somehow I have a faster recovery than other people. Therefore I can practice much more than most people.


The magics variety increased only by a little amount. In the first place, there are only a few non attribute magic, including [Light] the book recorded only three. What a low popularity. The magic I newly learned are [Impact] and [String].


firstly [Impact], if I explain it simply its a skill to strike with a mass of magical power. The performer collect the magical power in one place and throw it. To call it a skill is difficult and its power is also insignificant. Originally magical power is a thing without mass. And because it is hardened by force to give mass, the hardness is also low. It is at a level like hitting with a rubber ball if I compare it. Additionally, the range is also short, the magical power disperse after separating from me for a small distance. To be frank, it is stronger to throw a stone. That’s why its not researched at all.


[String] is a skill to make a thread with magical power. Its is able to grow the magical thread and draw it by wrapping it around the target. You need to think it like a person fires spider’s thread. Speaking of spider, is it possible to fly through the trees with magical thread like a movie in my previous life? Although I expected, it was impossible. The maintenance of the shape is difficult and the strength is weak, too. The limit is at best to pull a branch or nuts and a person can break it with a swift attack. If compare with [Impact] its somewhat more useful, although the practical use is low.


Nonetheless, it is two disappointing magic, but after all it depends on how to use them. If you can’t use attribute magic, you need to master them.  Therefore, I single-mindedly use it, in order to patiently raise the magical power. For now the raising of physical strength is more focused than magical power, although I want to research the improvement of magic.


Well, should I continue until the preparation for lunch is finished? I turn a hand to the mark at a tree to shoot [Impact].


“The world sleeping deep in me, that I live from, shoot the force of the magical source [Impact]!”


A transparent magic ball of a baseball’s size shake the target. If ordinary people look at it, in my opinion it will look like the target shakes. Though the magical ball size can be adjusted, naturally it consumes alot and the maintenance is difficult. At the moment if I use it 10 times I would hit my limit. I end it with precisely 10 times shaking the target. No matter how many time I experience it, this tiredness is hard. When I fell down to take a deep breath, Noel saw me and wanted to say something.


“Whats the Matter, Noel?”

“Well, its amazing to skillfully use [Impact].”

“I wonder, if it’s that great? There is almost no damage.”

“To be able to use it this early is already beyond amazing. Are you really three-years-old? Is it not cheating at this age?”

“It is all because Noel showed me magic many times. I got a hang from seeing it.”

“What? Then its thanks to me? I am the master of a great magician in the future!”


Noel is so simple.

The fact that Noel is easy to distract, helps me to change the subject. Tired I pull Noel crying Banzai and returned to the house.


Its been three years since my birth.


Being watched by Erina, fooling around with Noel and eating the food from Dee.


Safe and happy every day.


To this paradise completely isolated from the outside world, the end comes sooner or later.


The footstep was drawing near certainly.

And then several days later.

Though it was usually a restful morning, but today it was slightly busy. I wake up wondering, changing clothes and going towards the dining hall to eat breakfast.


“Good morning.”

[[[Good morning.]]]


To my greeting, three people return it beautifully all together. I notice the spot and try to sit on the chair. Noel and Dee’s clothes are different from usual. Not maid clothes and working clothes, it is the clothes which is used for going out. This appearance was to go outside.


“Do this two go out today? We have just done the purchase the other day.”

“Actually, the magic formation of the fire has broken for a while. Although it’s a little sudden, it has been decided that the two of them will go.”


My home has been self-sufficiency to a certain degree, but there are things like magic devices that cant be made, so we need to purchase them at a town every several days. I’ve never been there, but from what i heard, there is a town half a day away from here. Because you need half a day to return, they stay over night there and use the second day to go shopping. I wonder why, I mysteriously don’t feel any inconvenience living in such a remote place.


“The only one who can lit the flame is Noel’s fire attribute. Erina has water attribute, right?”

“For today and tomorrow there is no problem. Since there is a fire stone.”


Fire stone, its a mysterious ore which emits high heat when charged with magic and can be divided by a hammer and the like. But it’s only fault is it’s size of a fist, the method to use it is to put some flammable thing on the stone and hit it from above with a hammer.


“Is there any present request? But a big one is impossible.”

“I have nothing in particular. Its good enough, if you two come back safely.”

“Uhh…..I’m so moved by the kindness of Master Sirius.”

“…..Please leave it to me.”


Dee seems to be a former adventurer, so he has an abundant knowledge about traveling. He has done shopping many time and so there is no need to worry. Both depart as soon as they finish their stewed meat and vegetables soup with black bread. I also finish my meal to perform running and deplete my magical power. I silently finish my task and it was noon when i read my book.


“Shall we eat outside today, Master Sirius?”

“Yes, lets do it.”


I eat lunch at the garden’s table at Erina’s suggestion. Today, it’s Erina’s handmade sandwich. Dee can make delicious one, but Erina’s is exceptional. Especially the salt flesh between several kinds of vegetables – its the highest distribution of flesh and vegetable.


“Please, I need a tea after the meal.”


I fill my stomach with the prepared herb tea called Eriki. There is a little bitterness, but I really like this Eriki tea. The weather is fine today. Elegantly resting under the warm sunlight after a meal—…….hm?


“…..Erina? I want the desert.”


It’s a apple form fruit. visually it looks like an apple, but the size is slightly small and the taste is more like a strawberry.


“I understand. It was in the kitchen and I will get it.”


Erina smiled and disappeared in the kitchen. When her appearance disappears completely, I vomit a mouthful tea contain among and the cup’s contents was sucked by the earth. The moment I taste it, I felt a familiar sense like the previous life. It’s a new body and maybe its just my imagination. However, if my intuition is correct, this is a sleeping drug. But I don’t understand it. What expectation should I have being put asleep? To be sold? No, that cant be. I don’t think that someone who gives so much love would do something like this. Though the intention is not clear, I will pretend to have drunk it. Even thought the tongue might have absorbed a little through the mucous membrane, it’s taking effect slowly or sleepiness wont even come. Thereafter, I eat with Erina and start to act like feeling a little sleepiness.



“Are you tired? Shall I prepare the bed?”

“Yes, I am. Let me take a nap for a little while.”

“Yes, Master. It will be ready soon, so just wait in the living room.”


I only yawned, to be ready for bed…….really. How much density has the sleeping pill that Erina put in? To have an imagination is good. However, the two’s abrupt shopping, somehow I feel uncomfortable to Erina’s action. Escape is no option, so for the time being i will follow the flow.


I lie on my bed in my room, raising my magical power while closing my eyes. I keep the magic activated to maintain the previous state, proceeding this activity give the body a slight sleepiness. Now the appearance of my face looks like I’m asleep. I am able to cope with anything, I wait quiet for a moment. Then, several minutes later, I heard a light knock from the door. The door was opened without making a sound when I wait without answering. Naturally Erina appeared and seem to have come to confirm whether I was sleeping.

Well, what will happen now. Surely no knife will fly down on me.




Either its a knife or a deep black batch! Although I was ready for defense, it resulted in groundless fear. While muttering in a small voice that cannot be caught, my head was only patted. It was a good feeling to sleep, if it continued i would fall asleep, but then she exits the room without making a noise again.


While groaning about the unsolved riddle, I heard an unfamiliar sound from outside of the window. A horse neighs with its footstep, and then a man’s voice which is not from Dee. This three year, there was not such circumstances where a man visited us? Though, this could the reason for Erina’s doubtful action.

When I look through a gap of the window, there was a carriage with the hood of a four-seater in front of the entrance. Two people came out. the driver, who was old, sit on the rack and stretch his body trying to rest. And then he focus spontaneity his eyes on the man who was descending from the carriage. With elegant clothes and a dignity plentiful mustache, the man looks like an aristocrat. Its noble-like, but he looks a little fat and seems to be unreliable. His face has a poor look if compared with Dee. When a bad feeling began to appear on my mind, the man set foot in the entrance hall.

I place my ear on the floor trying to find the position. My room was on the second floor, but you could hear the two people’s footsteps setting for the guest room. Now is the chance to clear the vague. I sneak out of my room and steal up calmly to the guest room’s door. Because the thickness of the door is thin, I could hear the voices inside well.


“… receive your visit today, thank you.”

“Hmpf, well. Why do I have to come to such remote place?”


The talk just started.

But, why? Erina’s voice was not packed with emotions and sounds mechanical. I’ve heard such a bold voice for the first time. The man on the other hand was as expected. Like the previous life, he was a sample of various arrogant and selfish Bosses. Its possible that….No, let’s concentrate on the two’s conversation for now.


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