„–… …ga–… … –swer… … Answer!“

A certain country, that is said to shoulder the center of the continent, In a president’s room of a multistory central building.
A room that normally has marble floors and expensive ornaments, now looks like it’s changed to a disaster scene.
Floor and walls broken by a bomb and gunfire, ornaments that are only junk now.
And the countless scattered —- dead bodies.
Blood is flowing from all the bodies, no matter how anyone looks their survival is hopeless.

No, there is only one moving figure.
A man wearing a protection suit that looks like a full body tights.
The man tries to rise from lying face down, but continues to fall down unable to support his body.
Giving up standing, the man crawls forward, rests his back against a nearby wall and pauses for a breath.
And in his ear, presses a switch on earphone type communication device.

„… …Yeah, here… … code Axel.“

„Are you okay!? Report the situation!“

In the midst of countless bodies, only one is wearing clearly higher class clothes.
Not only in the forehead but the whole body is covered in bullet wounds, the shape somewhat destroyed by the bombs shockwave, this building’s owner, the man’s target.

„The target is… …taken care of. All that’s left… …cough, cleaning up… …right?“
„Wait! That’s the last measure. Hurry and escape!“
„Ha, haha… …that’s impossible.“

The man looks at his body.
Multiple gunshots in abdomen, left leg missing from knee downwards.
No feeling in the left hand, a body that even speaking is painful with, utterly embodies the meaning of full body scar.
With only his right hand moving, he takes out a small terminal from his pocket, and releases it’s safety device.
It’s a control device for explosives.
Calculated, countless set up explosives, will reliable collapse the building if activated.
Involving the unmoving man laying here.

„Don’t give up! Pick up will come soon! Oi, prepare the helicopter! Permission? Leave that later!“

The other side of the transmission becomes noisy.
It looks like the man’s partner is desperately giving orders but, there is no more time left.
As the man opens his mouth to tell him to stop, there is a sound of door opening from the transmission.


It was the man’s apprentices voices.
Between the hurried noises, he hears five boys and girls arrive at the microphone, he hear’s the yells of the students.

„Teacher, please don’t give up!“
„We’ll come and get you, please wait!“
„There’s still many things we want to be taught!“
„Promised… … didn’t you?“
„Teacher! Teacher… …fa, fa……ther! father!“

Even though he before the mission told there was a possibility this could happen, it looks like the students couldn’t bear it.
Their spirit is still inexperienced worries him but, the affection makes him feel happy.
Mustering his strength, the man gives an order.

„Form a line!“
[[[!? Yes!]]]

Seed of the training, the flustered students answer without any disorder.

„What I want to say… …you know… …right?“
[[[Don’t stop walking forward!]]]
„That’s… …good. You guys… …will be fine. Have confidence and… …live“
[[[… …Yes!]]]

It seems the students are desperately holding back tears, but their voices are tearful no matter how you listen, they are probably shedding a flood of tears by now.

„Fu… … sorry, for my students.“
„No… …no problem. It’s their right.“
„Is that so.“
„Is it… …already impossible?“
„That it would come to this… …you knew… …right?“
„… …yeah“

Troubled, conflicted voice that finally leaked after being pushed down.

„I’ve.. …left… …something. I can go… …with a smile“
„… …Leave the rest to me“
„I leave it to you. With you… …being together… …was… …fun.“
„That’s my line.“

The man has lost too much blood, his eyes can’t see and his mind is becoming faint.
Even with the result being this, the plan was a success.
I’ve entrusted everything I have.
Only the last job is left.
With the strength he had left the man pressed the switch.
Countlessly resounding explosions.
They became gradually larger, and finally reached the man’s floor.
The rubble falling down, the man accepted and felt with his body.
And then the man… …


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