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Chapter 4 – Erina’s Struggle

Erina’s Struggle

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I, Sirius, became three years old.


My body grows bigger and it grows up so much that there is no problem to run around.

I should mention, at the moment I am running at the garden.

Although my body get a burden I keep running with a certain pace, when I exceeds my limit I rest, and then I run again.


“Phew, today’s part is finished.”


I handle today’s quota and start to finish.

Next to me lies Noel, who kept company at my marathon under the pretense of diet, is asleep.


“Hi~i…..Hi~i…..Si, Sirius-sama…..Why…..are you… calm…..”

“Your stamina is low because you didn’t run with your own pace.”

“Wa, wa–…..”


Finally, with those words Noel is exhausted.

Though it was half of what I did, was it that hard for her?

I wonder about her physical endurance while finishing my exercises.

At the same time, Erina presented me a towel and the drink.


“You’ve done well, Master Sirius.”

“Thank you, Erina.”


By the way, Erina asked me to call her without honorific, so I take it to  heart. While I drink the water I look towards my feet where Dee is taking care of Noel.

Though these two people have opposite character, they seem to be compatible due to the close age.


“Don’t overdo things”

“Thank you…..Phew, very much”


Erina smiles gently by the two people’s view. I too am watching them with a desperate/fobbery face. However I left behind the young people to take care of the body. I place the previous drawn well water, and my new face is reflected in it. I understand the personality of the three years old face, I think its not a bad one. The hair is black and the eyes give a soft impression. It is a rather cute than handsome face. Even If I compare it with the 3 faces there is not a big gap, I think it has no wild characteristic. It seems not to be a miss, confirming it for the first time I’m relief. However, the power of the insight shall not be insufficient. Because influence other people is also depended on the appearance, this gentle face will be a minus – I guess it will be an issue in the near future. After finishing the physique training, next will be the magic practice. At this chance a three year old could show the three how to use magic. Their stares was like as if time stopped and this motion stopping was a considerable view.


“Master Sirius, Dee and I will return because it’s noon soon.”

“I see. I will return after the magic practice.”


Although physical strength is nice, but I still need to forge the magical firmly. [light] could only hold out for 10 seconds, but now it could sustain for over a minute. It is 6 times more with a simple calculation. As written by the book this growth is abnormal. Considering  a motive to grasped the magics know-how, there are various practices in the early stage of one-year-old. However, I think that the cycles speed is the best. Wringing the magical power to the limit, if its restored then I repeat to wring again. Somehow I have a faster recovery than other people. Therefore I can practice much more than most people.


The magics variety increased only by a little amount. In the first place, there are only a few non attribute magic, including [Light] the book recorded only three. What a low popularity. The magic I newly learned are [Impact] and [String].


firstly [Impact], if I explain it simply its a skill to strike with a mass of magical power. The performer collect the magical power in one place and throw it. To call it a skill is difficult and its power is also insignificant. Originally magical power is a thing without mass. And because it is hardened by force to give mass, the hardness is also low. It is at a level like hitting with a rubber ball if I compare it. Additionally, the range is also short, the magical power disperse after separating from me for a small distance. To be frank, it is stronger to throw a stone. That’s why its not researched at all.


[String] is a skill to make a thread with magical power. Its is able to grow the magical thread and draw it by wrapping it around the target. You need to think it like a person fires spider’s thread. Speaking of spider, is it possible to fly through the trees with magical thread like a movie in my previous life? Although I expected, it was impossible. The maintenance of the shape is difficult and the strength is weak, too. The limit is at best to pull a branch or nuts and a person can break it with a swift attack. If compare with [Impact] its somewhat more useful, although the practical use is low.


Nonetheless, it is two disappointing magic, but after all it depends on how to use them. If you can’t use attribute magic, you need to master them.  Therefore, I single-mindedly use it, in order to patiently raise the magical power. For now the raising of physical strength is more focused than magical power, although I want to research the improvement of magic.


Well, should I continue until the preparation for lunch is finished? I turn a hand to the mark at a tree to shoot [Impact].


“The world sleeping deep in me, that I live from, shoot the force of the magical source [Impact]!”


A transparent magic ball of a baseball’s size shake the target. If ordinary people look at it, in my opinion it will look like the target shakes. Though the magical ball size can be adjusted, naturally it consumes alot and the maintenance is difficult. At the moment if I use it 10 times I would hit my limit. I end it with precisely 10 times shaking the target. No matter how many time I experience it, this tiredness is hard. When I fell down to take a deep breath, Noel saw me and wanted to say something.


“Whats the Matter, Noel?”

“Well, its amazing to skillfully use [Impact].”

“I wonder, if it’s that great? There is almost no damage.”

“To be able to use it this early is already beyond amazing. Are you really three-years-old? Is it not cheating at this age?”

“It is all because Noel showed me magic many times. I got a hang from seeing it.”

“What? Then its thanks to me? I am the master of a great magician in the future!”


Noel is so simple.

The fact that Noel is easy to distract, helps me to change the subject. Tired I pull Noel crying Banzai and returned to the house.


Its been three years since my birth.


Being watched by Erina, fooling around with Noel and eating the food from Dee.


Safe and happy every day.


To this paradise completely isolated from the outside world, the end comes sooner or later.


The footstep was drawing near certainly.

And then several days later.

Though it was usually a restful morning, but today it was slightly busy. I wake up wondering, changing clothes and going towards the dining hall to eat breakfast.


“Good morning.”

[[[Good morning.]]]


To my greeting, three people return it beautifully all together. I notice the spot and try to sit on the chair. Noel and Dee’s clothes are different from usual. Not maid clothes and working clothes, it is the clothes which is used for going out. This appearance was to go outside.


“Do this two go out today? We have just done the purchase the other day.”

“Actually, the magic formation of the fire has broken for a while. Although it’s a little sudden, it has been decided that the two of them will go.”


My home has been self-sufficiency to a certain degree, but there are things like magic devices that cant be made, so we need to purchase them at a town every several days. I’ve never been there, but from what i heard, there is a town half a day away from here. Because you need half a day to return, they stay over night there and use the second day to go shopping. I wonder why, I mysteriously don’t feel any inconvenience living in such a remote place.


“The only one who can lit the flame is Noel’s fire attribute. Erina has water attribute, right?”

“For today and tomorrow there is no problem. Since there is a fire stone.”


Fire stone, its a mysterious ore which emits high heat when charged with magic and can be divided by a hammer and the like. But it’s only fault is it’s size of a fist, the method to use it is to put some flammable thing on the stone and hit it from above with a hammer.


“Is there any present request? But a big one is impossible.”

“I have nothing in particular. Its good enough, if you two come back safely.”

“Uhh…..I’m so moved by the kindness of Master Sirius.”

“…..Please leave it to me.”


Dee seems to be a former adventurer, so he has an abundant knowledge about traveling. He has done shopping many time and so there is no need to worry. Both depart as soon as they finish their stewed meat and vegetables soup with black bread. I also finish my meal to perform running and deplete my magical power. I silently finish my task and it was noon when i read my book.


“Shall we eat outside today, Master Sirius?”

“Yes, lets do it.”


I eat lunch at the garden’s table at Erina’s suggestion. Today, it’s Erina’s handmade sandwich. Dee can make delicious one, but Erina’s is exceptional. Especially the salt flesh between several kinds of vegetables – its the highest distribution of flesh and vegetable.


“Please, I need a tea after the meal.”


I fill my stomach with the prepared herb tea called Eriki. There is a little bitterness, but I really like this Eriki tea. The weather is fine today. Elegantly resting under the warm sunlight after a meal—…….hm?


“…..Erina? I want the desert.”


It’s a apple form fruit. visually it looks like an apple, but the size is slightly small and the taste is more like a strawberry.


“I understand. It was in the kitchen and I will get it.”


Erina smiled and disappeared in the kitchen. When her appearance disappears completely, I vomit a mouthful tea contain among and the cup’s contents was sucked by the earth. The moment I taste it, I felt a familiar sense like the previous life. It’s a new body and maybe its just my imagination. However, if my intuition is correct, this is a sleeping drug. But I don’t understand it. What expectation should I have being put asleep? To be sold? No, that cant be. I don’t think that someone who gives so much love would do something like this. Though the intention is not clear, I will pretend to have drunk it. Even thought the tongue might have absorbed a little through the mucous membrane, it’s taking effect slowly or sleepiness wont even come. Thereafter, I eat with Erina and start to act like feeling a little sleepiness.



“Are you tired? Shall I prepare the bed?”

“Yes, I am. Let me take a nap for a little while.”

“Yes, Master. It will be ready soon, so just wait in the living room.”


I only yawned, to be ready for bed…….really. How much density has the sleeping pill that Erina put in? To have an imagination is good. However, the two’s abrupt shopping, somehow I feel uncomfortable to Erina’s action. Escape is no option, so for the time being i will follow the flow.


I lie on my bed in my room, raising my magical power while closing my eyes. I keep the magic activated to maintain the previous state, proceeding this activity give the body a slight sleepiness. Now the appearance of my face looks like I’m asleep. I am able to cope with anything, I wait quiet for a moment. Then, several minutes later, I heard a light knock from the door. The door was opened without making a sound when I wait without answering. Naturally Erina appeared and seem to have come to confirm whether I was sleeping.

Well, what will happen now. Surely no knife will fly down on me.




Either its a knife or a deep black batch! Although I was ready for defense, it resulted in groundless fear. While muttering in a small voice that cannot be caught, my head was only patted. It was a good feeling to sleep, if it continued i would fall asleep, but then she exits the room without making a noise again.


While groaning about the unsolved riddle, I heard an unfamiliar sound from outside of the window. A horse neighs with its footstep, and then a man’s voice which is not from Dee. This three year, there was not such circumstances where a man visited us? Though, this could the reason for Erina’s doubtful action.

When I look through a gap of the window, there was a carriage with the hood of a four-seater in front of the entrance. Two people came out. the driver, who was old, sit on the rack and stretch his body trying to rest. And then he focus spontaneity his eyes on the man who was descending from the carriage. With elegant clothes and a dignity plentiful mustache, the man looks like an aristocrat. Its noble-like, but he looks a little fat and seems to be unreliable. His face has a poor look if compared with Dee. When a bad feeling began to appear on my mind, the man set foot in the entrance hall.

I place my ear on the floor trying to find the position. My room was on the second floor, but you could hear the two people’s footsteps setting for the guest room. Now is the chance to clear the vague. I sneak out of my room and steal up calmly to the guest room’s door. Because the thickness of the door is thin, I could hear the voices inside well.


“… receive your visit today, thank you.”

“Hmpf, well. Why do I have to come to such remote place?”


The talk just started.

But, why? Erina’s voice was not packed with emotions and sounds mechanical. I’ve heard such a bold voice for the first time. The man on the other hand was as expected. Like the previous life, he was a sample of various arrogant and selfish Bosses. Its possible that….No, let’s concentrate on the two’s conversation for now.

Chapter 3 – „I want to use magic!“ – a 1 year old old man.

Chapter 3: ‘I want to use magic!’ – a 1 year old old man.

A few months after discovering my attribute was ‘colourless’:
Other than perhaps being overly-doted on, there haven’t been any major problems.

After being read many more books covering a variety of topics, I am finally able to understand the writing and am capable of reading myself.
If I were to meet any other 1 year old who could read then I couldn’t help but be creeped-out and suspicious of their circumstances, so I’ll keep this skill a secret for now.*

It seemed books were indeed an expensive privilege in this world; Erina-san showed great pride in every book she owned despite some being worn and tattered.

As expected this world closely resembles my world’s middle ages, but with magic.

It is a severe world, with a variety of different races like Noel competing to survive, there was strong discrimination between nobles and commoners, and there was a chance of being insta-killed from running into one of the demon-race. *

That was how cheap a life was here; it was survival of the fittest.
Using the knowledge from the previous world, I’ll develop my understanding of magic, forge a strong body, and live on in this new world with all my might.*
I’m not so optimistic as to expect a 3rd chance.*

But… I’d already failed at the first hurdle; magic.

[Elementary magic textbook]

The magic book detailed the method for determining one’s attribute, as well as the meaning of the colours.

Red: [Fire]
Blue: [Water]
Green: [Wind]
Yellow: [Soil]

And my ‘colourless’ …. [None].

Yep. I had no attribute.
Unfortunately this didn’t mean that I could use all of them freely; instead it meant that I suffered the steep non-attribute penalty in all of them.


I muttered reflexively.
The book I hold now is “Albert’s adventure log”.
The author travelled all over the world and wrote about the strange customs of other lands, or mysterious phenomena he encountered.

Basically it was an autobiography, but has many interesting things written in it, like; a volcano-like mountain which erupts with water every year, a special trait of the cat tribe, a strange custom of the silver-wolf tribe. Things which were impossible in my previous world were written about frequently, and while many of the stories were interesting and some were even humorous, in emergency situations the writing became very serious; it gave off the impression that the author did not try to warp the truth and detailed things as he saw them – this made me approach the book as a worthwhile study about the world rather than a fiction for entertainment.*

Then, right there it was written — about the ‘colourless’ attribute.
It was a short section, not even exceeding a page. This was what was written;

‘I’ve been wandering for several years now and feel that I’ve spent every day meaningfully.
I’ve met many different humans, and various races, and the importance of magic in their everyday lives is apparent.
However, my greatest dissatisfaction is discrimination. It’s present everywhere; between races, nobles and commoners… Seeing the disparity in their living standards makes me very sad.
And, in certain town, I encountered yet another form of discrimination; someone with a magic attribute I’d never seen before.

He possessed no attribute at all, and thus possessed no aptitude in magic. To be born with no magic talent… a truly horrible fate.
If that wasn’t bad enough, the town’s people all discriminated against the man and labelled him as ‘incompetent’.


Speaking with the villagers I discovered that this discrimination exists anywhere. It’s said that those with no attributes are hated by the spirits.
But for the spirits to decide such an unfair thing before birth…It’s not something I can’t comprehend.’

Albert gives off a really manly feeling huh…… no, that’s not the issue here! The problem is people’s attitude to these ‘incompetent’ people; in other words, to those with the ‘colourless’ attribute – like me.
Because of it my interaction with the world will be more difficult. This is the true reason behind Erina-san and the other’s sympathetic reactions.

The strong light emitted from the magic-tester means that I’ll probably have a much higher mana-capacity than most people.
But, since I have no attribute, I’ll never be able to surpass elementary magic no matter how much I train.
At least it seems that with my high mana-capacity I’ll be able to use magic-tools for longer than most people…
To be given a handicap like this right after birth… damn it!

….well, I guess it’s alright. (まあいいか)

After-all, my original world didn’t have magic.
Seriously…It’s not like I can’t use it at all, and I have 60 years of skills and experiences in areas other than magic – I’ve got no right to complain.
In fact isn’t being known as incompetent an advantage? I can exploit their underestimating me and defeat them while they’re off-guard!
No matter what form of enemy, if I stab ‘em in their weak-spot while their guard is down, they’ll die!
But still…this old-man wants to use magic!

It was* written in the elementary magic textbook, but there also exists magic with no attribute.
It seems that there are chants for no-attribute magic too; problem is that since so few people with no attribute, not much is known.
There is one, though; [Light]
Going off the name, you’d imagine it to be a magic which creates light. It’s listed under introduction magic so I should be able to use it.
However, only the keyword is written; they haven’t included a detailed chant.
Then it should be fine as long as what I chant is related to that keyword? If so then even I should be able to do it!

“Sirius-sama, your Onee-chan is here~ It’s Noel!~ what do you think, feel like calling me Onee-chan. It sounds good right?”*

Just as I’m about to give it a try, Noel appears, spouting some foolish nonsense. This girl seems to want me to call her as my sister no matter what, but just to be clear- I definitely won’t call her such.
If she’s here, fine– let’s have Noel show us this [Light] spell.

“Noeeel~ Magic~”
“eh? Ah… no- …fine. You want me to do this one?”

Since we found out my attribute, Noel has avoided using magic in front of me.
I guess it’s her showing consideration to me since I was deemed as ‘incompetent’, but honestly I don’t mind at all.
I point at the page with the [Light] magic written on it and try to make my request known.

“Is it alright….? Hmm… but this is no-attribute magic so… yea. Ok, got it!”

Quick to make a decision; as expected of Noel!

“But I’m not very familiar with no-attribute magic ya know.”

Ah. Certainly, she seemed to have the [Fire] attribute.
Perhaps trying to remember the chant for [Light] magic, Noel closed her eyes and put her index finger to her forehead to think.

“Umm~ ….for this type of magic…to ‘drive away darkness’ is about right. Well then, let’s do it!”

As Noel inhaled deeply, the atmosphere around her completely changed.

“Beings of darkness, great warrior of light, lend me your powers; shine brilliantly and sweep away the night!” **

The chant is so long…!
Is this really introduction magic?
Ahh, it must be because there aren’t any researchers working on shortening no-attribute magic.


A light appeared from the tip of Noel’s finger.
It’s dim, and already sputtering out, but it’s a beautiful sight.
I touch the light; it doesn’t give off any heat, but I certainly feel my hand touch something hard to describe – could it be mana?

She only used the magic for a few seconds, Noel’s forhead is already covered in sweat and she looks exhausted.

“Phewww~.. as expected I can’t maintain no-attribute magic for very long. Fire is the only attribute that’s not true for, though… “

She says it’s because it’s not fire magic, but I wonder if it could be that no-attribute has especially high magic consumption.
When I touched the light it felt like Noel’s magic was flooding into it like an open tap.
It’s only my own theory at this point, but I’m starting to think that the difficulties in using magic outside of one’s own attribute may be because one needs to first convert their mana to the attribute they want to cast, which is very inefficient. For example, if a [Water] attribute person wanted to cast a [Fire] attribute magic, they would first need to convert their [Water] attribute mana into [Fire] attribute mana, and a lot of magic power would be lost due to the inefficiency, resulting in higher mana consumption for a lesser result. Importantly, this could mean that rather than [No attribute] magicians being unable to use magic, it’s more likely that the type of magic which they are able to use simply hasn’t been discovered yet due to a lack of [no-attribute] magicians. In that case, there could be many other attributes other than the 4 elements which are simply undiscovered. *[1]
It may be.
My only basis is from observing Noel. I want to investigate further and confirm.

“eh? .. y-yeah! It’s amazing right!? It’s fine to complement me more ya know~. ‘cus I’m the best!”

She seems quite pleased from my applause and praise. ‘In ecstasy’ might be more accurate.
After that, Noel left the room to do other work.

Now that I’m alone, let’s give this magic a go!
After seeing a practical example, all that’s left to do is do it myself!

“Beings of darkness, great warrior of light, lend me your powers; shine brilliantly and sweep away the night!” *

I spoke without any special theatrics, and my voice sounded childish, but I diligently recited the chant.
Imagining the light which Noel showed me, my whole body began to warm up; not a feverish heat—closer to the relaxed, warm feeling after doing light exercise.*
I imagined this feeling moving towards my hand, and said the activation word:


A pale sphere of light appeared in the palm of my hand.
It’s about the same size as the one Noel made; nothing special, but still- Finally, my first magic!
As always, the principle behind it escapes me, however I’m very happy to have reached this first milestone. *
Whoops. Frolicking around in celebration after only this much is unbecoming of a man! (/unmanly)
Let’s calm down and continue experimenting.
First of all, whether or not this light can be moved around. I close my eyes and imagine the light moving forward– good, just as I’d imagined, the light drifted forward a few steps.
From here, I continued the experiment by making the sphere move further forward, suddenly, the light disappeared.

“Huh? The surroundings ar-“

The surroundings started moving by themselves, slowly slanting to one side— no, I was collapsing.
Before I could understand it I was already lying on the floor. An extreme tiredness enveloped me. Could this be— …?

“Aah, this is magic exhaustion huh……….” (/fatigue)

The situation was exactly as written in the book. I knew it but, this is quite severe. In my previous life, I could probably force myself to move, but that’s impossible with this baby’s body that has yet to mature. Good thing I’m on top of the bed. Even if I fell asleep like this there probably wouldn’t be any discomfort.

But it seems I released light for around 10 seconds. And on top of that moving the light may have changed the degree of exhaustion. Like this I would not be able to endure it long enough for practical use. How many times will I need to taste this tired feeling to suffice I wonder.

The future is long, time to sleep for now.

The next day, I did my usual muscle training. After a day passed, the tired feeling completely vanished, in fact, my condition felt better than before. Even my mana seems to have recovered enough, at any rate, I’ll practice and see.

Because I couldn’t verify much before collapsing yesterday, I thought today I would investigate my limits. Because I was excited last time, I didn’t notice the mana consumption until I was empty.

How much fatigue before it affects my body, and if the magic could be stopped. First, I’ll start by determining the Danger Line where using more than what’s available in my body will cause me to collapse.

Chanting, I waited for light to be produced. While fully concentrating, I felt mana coming out of my body. The sensation was similar to bleeding out. The tired feeling gradually closed in so I thought for the light to go out in my mind. The light properly vanished, so while letting out a sigh of relief I confirmed my physical condition.

Mhm, there’s a slight sluggish feeling but it’s not a problem. The spell was maintained for 13 seconds, this is limit for now huh. It may be in range of a calculation error, but I feel like it was longer than last time.

In this manner, I continued to temper my magic power.

While under a major misunderstanding. (Dat Cliffhanger)

Chapt 2 – What is Magic?

Chapter 2 – What is Magic?

In my past life I never knew my parents.
By the time I became self-aware I was already in an orphanage. That orphanage told me that my family was destroyed by terrorism.
As the sole survivor, I stumbled around without purpose until a certain woman appeared and adopted me.*
She was a strange person who lived alone in the mountains.
The fact that I managed to live till 60 was probably thanks to her (my Shishou’s) guidance.
In other words, it’s thanks to the living hell (the ‘training’) that she put me through every day without rest.
Thanks to that, be it now or in the past, if I were to meet my real family (*in heaven?) I could stand proud and say I did my best every day.*

That said, despite my mind being that of a 60 year old, in this world with Erina-san, Noel and Dee I’m not particularly lonely.
Although this world is missing many of my world’s modern necessities, for now I only need to concentrate on forging a strong body.

Half a year passes. (?)

Today as-well, without being seen by the maids, I carry out my daily training.
Though I say training, right now all I’m doing is lifting my arms and legs up; it’s closer to gymnastics.
Since I’m still in an infant’s body, putting too much strain on myself will only be detrimental to my development –and could even kill me.
Though this may look unrefined, it’s part of a diligently devised plan. The one who developed this training method was my Shishou.

“If we were to get a baby, and start their training before they’d even become self-aware, I bet they would quickly become an even greater warrior than me!”
“…Shishou definitely killed people even before becoming a warrior.”
“Well… those were, you know… it was killing in order to live!”

‘Hell’s training from birth!’ was a name with bad taste, but Shishou enthusiastically told me about her planned method with a gleeful smile.
I never expected I’d be using it for myself. The plan was rough and the training severe, but all of it had sound reasoning behind it. Where it may have been lacking I adjusted it with my own knowledge.
It was tough, but seeing my rapid progress kept me encouraged to continue.

A few days ago I started crawling. *
When Noel saw this, with a wide grin, her ears and tail stood up and she dashed off to summon everyone in the house. They were all very pleased to see me moving about. That night at dinner even Erina-san , who didn’t usually drink alcohol, was giggling away with good-humoured tipsiness.

A year after being born.

My body has been developing favourably. The daily training has moved on to things like push-ups and sit-ups. I’m still careful not to over-train, as doing so could stunt my growth.
It’s about time I started jogging to increase stamina.
My debut as a warrior is drawing near.

“Haihai~ Sirius-sama, look here please.”
But Noel’s attitude toward me still doesn’t change.

Although Erina-san told her ‘don’t use fire magic around him because it’s dangerous’, she seems to enjoy showing it to me. That said, since one day I’d like to learn how to use it too, I’m grateful for her disobedience.

“I ask thus; reveal the truth of fire, let the fire God’s power come forth! [FLAME!]”
With her eyes closed she chants these words, and a flame appears in her palm.
No matter how many times I see it, I don’t understand. What’s the theory behind it? What’s being burnt as fuel?

“Heheh~ with this do you respect Onee-chan’s ability? …although this is the only magic I’m good at.”

Oi now, young lady, you’re letting the truth slip out… I guess she just wants to put on the air of a strong older sister.
Although I have the mind of an old man, a child trying their best to surpass their limits is definitely cute**
After that, Erina-san saw and got angry with Noel again.

The next day, after getting up and finishing my physical workout, I decided to challenge magic.
It’d be all good if I had an instruction manual, but forget that; I haven’t even found a single book. Without modern manufacturing techniques, paper its-self might be an expensive rarity.
Furthermore, my only knowledge of magic is from the time Noel showed me her fireball.
For the time being I decide to try imitating what she did, but… nothing happened. Is it concentration I’m lacking, or is it another matter? After that failure, I continued with trial and error for a while but in the end nothing happened.
There’s no helping it, shall I try bait her into play-teaching me somehow?****** being told I had no talent would really suck though.*

It’s after lunch, and everyone is gathered together.
In this relaxed atmosphere, Erina-san and Noel are nitting and Dee is sipping tea.
While staring at these three sitting there, I begin put my plan into action.

“Erina-san, Sirius-sama is looking this way ya know?”
“So he is. Perhaps he’s interested in knitting.”



Erina san drops the thing she was knitting.

“…Sirius-sama. Once more. Please say it once more.”

A few tears flow out as she’s overwhelmed by emotion.

“Sirius-sama! Me too! Me too please! Noel! No-e-l!

Her face is close.*
It’d be fun to see the usually emotionless Dee’s reaction too, but it seems like that’d crush Noel’s pride.

“Kyaa! Sirius-sama, next please say ‘onee-sama’ !”

Getting carried away in the confusion… just what is this girl trying to make me say? Since she’s like that I’ll ignore her.
Turning around I see that Dee is also nearby. Do I want to push my luck? Yep. I’ve already said this much. I point toward him and say;**

“….yes” (hai)

As usual his expression doesn’t show much change, but as if savouring the moment he closes his eyes.

But, my plan isn’t over yet.
Putting power into my feet and supporting myself with my hands, I stand up. *
Heading toward Erina-san as she wipes away tears, I slowly place one foot in front of another.

“shi-Sirus-sama!? That is…!”
“He’s walking! Sirius-sama is walking!”

To suddenly starting to walk perfectly might seem creepy, so I advance while occasionally pretending to stumble.
It was only about 5 steps, but I safely reached Erina’s outstretched arms and met her embrace.

“Very well done Sirius-sama, Erina is proud of you!”
“He’s a genius! This boy is without a doubt a genius!” *(TL note: I may have misunderstood something here; He’s 12 months old now, right? most healthy children learn to walk when they’re between 8-15months old, so surely this isn’t that strange? Rather than walking, purposely naming individuals like ‘Dee’ would be much more abnormal…?)

Being crushed between the two of them as they dance around in celebration is a bit painful.
Rather than stop them, Dee announces that he’ll prepare a feast to celebrate.
Perhaps I overdid it a bit…

**something about a drunk.**

The next day I increase my walking distance. These people don’t seem to see my growth as abnormal, so I should be able to start my jogging in about a months’ time—no, as it is, half a month shouldn’t be a problem.
The problem is magic – as something which didn’t exist at all in my old world, I have no idea how to get started.
Though it was only a few words, I’ve shown I can speak, so somehow perhaps I can get Noel to tell me.*

“Good afternoon. Today I’ll show you some different magic~. Uuumm… if I remember right, this one shouldn’t be too dangerous…”

Noel came to show me magic again today. But unlike before, because she aparently wants to show me something new, today she is holding a single thick book.
Nice one, Noel!
I was waiting for this moment! Now, stop hogging the book to yourself, hurry up and show me!
Pointing at the book, with all my might I try to give off the feeling that I want to see it.

“Ehhh, you’re interested in this? Hmm. Wait a second please.”

She likely went to get Erina-san’s permission. Before she would have shown it to me without asking for permission, I guess this means she’s grown up a bit?
While I was feeling moved by her growth, Noel returned with permission.
With me sitting on her soft lap, the long awaited ‘Elementry magic textbook’ finally opens. I look at the page before me– Oi! I can’t read any of the characters!… Bah, no choice, I’ll have to wait for her to read it out to me.

“uhhm, ‘Magic – first principles: Magic is still an unexplained phenomenon, however, it is an omnipotent power which can bring out the blessings of any object.’ … it says. Though I don’t understand it at all!~”

I answer her with a beaming smile.
I can’t understand the letters, but as long as I know the basics of magic I can improve through my own efforts.*
Though she doesn’t understand what she’s saying, Noel dutifully keeps reading aloud.
The writer uses very poor grammar and indirect syntax*, and his handwriting is so bad that just being able to read it is impressive. *(good thing our 1-year-old grammar-nazi –who can’t even read– is on the case, huh?)
I try and organise the information in my head in a way which I can understand;

Magic is using mana* to create physical phenomena. *magic power=mana
Mana can’t be seen, but is present in everything. Humans also store and use mana to live.*
By using the mana within our bodies we’re able to produce things like Noel’s flame; a common magic.

It seems that by drawing a magic circle you can activate magic simply by pouring in magic.
The night-lamp and cooking fire seem to be magic tools which work on this theory.
Expending a large amount of one’s magic power into such magic tools seems to make a person feel physically weaker.
It also seems that you only have to draw a circle once and it can be reused time and time again; making daily life much more convenient.

Another type of magic is to borrow the power of the spirits, ‘Spirit magic’.
Spirits huh…it sounds like something a person suffering from Chuunibyou would write*/enjoy.
Because the magic’s effectiveness depends vastly on whether the spirits like the one who summoned them or not, it doesn’t seem to be very popular. Since spirits can’t be seen or touched, you have no choice but to wait for them to approach you.* How to increase intimacy with the spirits still hasn’t been figured out.

There are a lot of mysteries surrounding spirit magic. What is known is that to invoke magic you need to cast a chant. As you chant, the magic within your body starts to gather and becomes a phenomenon. Each magic has its own keywords, but they’re not set; for example when Noel used flame, her words could have been slightly different and still produced the same result.* . ‘as long as it’s something to do with fire, and you have the confidence and desire to summon a flame, it’ll work’ is what I think the book is saying. So basically, there are some key-words which you need to include in the chant for it to work, but otherwise chants can vary*. It says that there are researchers who work night and day experimenting with chants in order to shorten them. For example, ‘Flame’ is the basic keyword for fire magic, and the rest was read from the book to give support.**

To use magic you consume your magic power; which is why you feel weak after using too much. As your magic power depletes, your whole body starts to feel sluggish – if you continue to use magic then you end up fainting. Training until exhaustion during childhood will increase mana capacity and skill; if you haven’t reached your maximum potential by the time you’re an adult then it is near impossible to do so as training once reaching adulthood has a significantly reduced effect. It also seems that maximum magic potential & how quickly you’ll advance is largely decided before birth, and the potentials vary greatly.
The training method mentioned in this text book has an exponential growth effect; so if I started training it along-side my physical training now at only 1 year of age, then my magic-power should grow extremely fast. * Though compared to physical strength the potential for this to cause trouble is much higher, so perhaps I’d better not.*

That said, even if your magic power is low… isn’t it alright to rely on the external mana?
Since the book said that magic power is just floating around all over the place, if you were to use that then surely you could use super-strong magic with ease? The book answered my question though; apparently the magic in the air is of a different quality to that in our body, so it can’t be used. As an example, if human mana were black, then the mana floating around in the atmosphere is white. To use the white mana, you’d need to gather it all up and convert it to black mana; such is simply not possible, and even if it were, it’d be inefficient – is roughly what the book says.

Even more important than one’s mana capacity is their mana attribute.
This too seems to be decided at birth, but unlike mana capacity, your attribute is impossible to change.
Since Noel used ‘Flame’ magic, her attribute is obviously fire.
Since she’s fire attribute, she excels at fire magic, while someone with the water attribute would excel at water magic.
Hearing this, my current objective has become to find out what attribute I am.
Though it’s not that you can’t use magic from different attributes to your own, but when doing so there is an extremely steep drop in quality.

When we finished the section on affinities, Noel closed the book.
Quite a long time had passed. **

“Fuu~ let’s leave it here for today. Reading aloud has tired me out~”
“Good work. I’ve prepared some tea so go ahead and take a break.”
“Wah! Erina-san, when’d you get here!?”

Looking around, Erina-san stood there with a smile with a tray of black-tea.

“Just a bit ago. Rather, you must be thirsty right? I’ll take care of Sirius-sama so go ahead and relax.”
“Thank you very much.”
I get up and start waddling towards Erina-san’s lap.
The young Noel’s lap is comfortable too, but as expected Erina-san’s is exceptional.
Erina-san took the book from Noel while gently stroking my head.
“Anyhow he sure is studious. It already feels like Sirius-sama will be using magic any day now”
“ahaha. No chance! Afterall even I had an awful time at learning just elementary magic. Besides he can’t even read yet you know?”
“That’s true. But if it’s Sirius-sama then I can somehow see it happening.”
“mhm, I can’t totally deny it…But it’ll still be a few years yet.”

And as such the two of them laughed while drinking tea.
Hmmm… if it’s me, huh? If they’re putting such expectations on me, I have no choice but to meet them! First of all I better start learning to read ay.

“Attribute huh… by the way, what do you think Sirius-sama’s attribute is?”
That’s something I want to know too!
I’m not too fussed over what it is, but if it were water or fire I think it could be pretty handy.

“Shall we look into it? There should be a testing tool in my room.”
“Ah- that. I’ll go grab it.”

Noel returned carrying an object wrapped in paper. Inside was a small, round crystal.
From the looks of it, it seemed to be something easy to manufacture. However, the wrapping paper had a complicated pattern painted on it – this would probably be the ‘magic square’ mentioned in the book.
The basic attributes; Fire, Water, Wind and Earth, were written on the magic square. It seemed that you’d place your hand on the crystal, and it’d light up with a different colour to indicate your attribute.

“Uhmm, I’m done filling it up with magic; we’re good to go!”
“Well then, Sirius-sama. Please put your hand here.”
“ai” *(baby speak for hai//yes?)

My heart starts racing with excitement*//nervousness as I stretch my hand out.
Immediately the crystal emits a dazzling light. I instinctively close my eyes. Because I was temporarily blinded, I missed the colour change. Since I took my hand off the crystal without thinking the moment it started shining, by the time I’d opened my eyes the light had already disappeared and I had no idea what colour it had been.

“Erina-sama, just now was…?”
“Yeah, it was a light, but… “
Oh? Somehow their words and expressions seem stiff.
Since the result seems uncertain, let’s give it another go. This time, while using my free hand to partly protect my eyes, I’ll see what colour it is.

“It’s colourless after-all.”
“no way…”

Ehh.. why do the two of them have such a sad expression?
I thought it was a really strong light though…
Does it being colourless mean I have no talent? Is that why they look down?
A bit bewildered, I embrace Erina-san, who looks as though she’s about to cry.

“God is… so cruel. Sirius-sama, I’ll…. I’ll definitely give you a magic-charm*”.
“M- me too!”

Why am I being looked at with such pity? I’m begging you, give me an explanation.
Thinking about it, these two have always cared for me and put great expectations on me*.

But ‘colourless’ huh…
It has an ominous ring to it…

chapter 1 – Fastest training plan

Fastest training plan.

Even if I say it myself, my life was full of ups and downs.

The torture in the name of training, being taken to warzones with the feeling of going for a stroll.
During those stormy days I became, Japan alliance’s 37th special worker… …a so called agent.
There I met my partner, I continued to fight with him beside me.
Doing nothing but fighting, after I became 55 years old, I retired and started training the next generation.
Education is difficult but, I think the days I spend were fun.
During those happy days, a certain dark organization continued manoeuvres that would upset the world.
The people obstructing the organization carefully selected personnel.

And… …I was chosen.

For a time I had enough skill to make my name famous in the world, trust was earned with results.
In reality, even if an retired old man would die by chance the damage would be small… …is, organization like risk calculation’s result probably.
No matter you look at it it’s a conspiracy… …Is, how partner objected to it but I accepted that.
If I succeed in eliminating the target, my partner was promised to become the organization’s top.
Making a blood sealed letter, I made preparations and challenged the operation.

The result… …I died.

Though I talked about it for some length, I want you to think that I spend a life far from that of a normal person. I even put on years, I won’t lose my composure over ordinary and can brag that I have an iron heart.
But… …I was disgracefully confused.

„Au–, auaua–!“

Why have I become a baby!

Even If I wanted to yell that, this body’s vocal cords haven’t developed, I can’t form words. These surprisingly tiny hands and feet, even though it’s my own body it won’t move like I want to. Even though it’s absurd situation, I somehow clearly understand that I’ve become a baby.

Even if it is me who lived with optimism in previous existence, this situation is impossible to pardon.

When I lose my composure in confusion, a shadow rises over my face.

„—… …–… …-“

A woman is looking at me and talking.

But, my undeveloped ears can’t pick up words, I don’t even know what she’s saying.

Calm down, let’s try putting the circumstances in order. The change is fast, to calm and accurate. To calm down, I look back at my memories.

At my last mission, I dealt with the target but got a fatal wound myself. Escape was hopeless, I chose to destroy the building and myself to remove the evidence. I even remember the feeling of getting hit by the falling debris. After that, I blacked out.

When I woke up I was a baby.

… …Um, I calmed down but still don’t get it. I certainly died but, somehow became a baby. [Reincarnation] fits the logic but, why do I remember myself?

And even though I remember the life I walked, I can’t remember the names of my partner or my disciplines. Memory with pinpoint precision holes in it, a situation and a body I can’t get information with. Presently, no matter how much I think there is no answer, there’s also no one to tell me.

I cut down further meaningless thoughts, and for the moment observed the person in front of my eyes.

A woman with blond hair tied behind her head, eyes are sky blue.
There are some wrinkles in her face so, she’s probably passed the marrying age but even without complimenting is plenty beautiful. If I wasn’t a baby, I might seduce her.

But, why is she wearing a maid uniform? Cosplay? No, looking at her appearance this might be a foreign country? While I was thinking idly she gently picked me up in her arms, and started humming something like a lullaby. I don’t understand the content or the words. But, her gaze is filled with affection, the restful rhythm pushes my awareness away.

There are many things I have to think about but, unable to go against the pleasant sensation I let go of my consciousness.

One month has passed since I woke up.

The world I currently know is only this room.
Approximately six tatami size, the low bed I am sleeping on and desk and closet only. This room without even books, really fits the word dreary. The bed’s material is rough to touch, there’s a behind the times impression to them.

Well then, it’s been a month of only sleeping and eating but, my body is growing well.
My ears no longer hear sounds like broken speaker, it’s not enough to walk, but I can move my body somewhat. However in response to that my fuel consumption has become unusually bad. In other words I’m hungry.
Usually, the food comes with a best timing like I’m being monitored but, today it’s late. I should think of a plan for this… …when I was starting to think of ways to deal with it, the door opened.
The blonde maid taking care of me enters. As such, it’s been a one month already and I haven’t seen anyone else, except the maid.

„—… …——“

Um, as usual I have no idea what she’s saying. My ears indeed hear now but, I have absolutely no idea about the language. In my previous life I travelled all around the world so my study of languages is proficient but, the language here has nothing I’ve heard before.

But it’s not a large problem. By continuing to listen you pick it up at some point, now I should give priority to eating.

„–? ——“

Oh, today it’s not only the blonde maid but there’s another person too.
Let’s see, what kind of a person-… … … …what?

„–, —, —“

The blonde maid gave an order to the other and left the room.

No no wait a moment. That woman closing in with her whole face smiling, who is that? She’s wearing a maid uniform so she probably came to take care of me, but there’s a point I want to retort to.

Why does she have [cat ears], this girl.

She seems lively, age is probably between a girl and a woman. Red hair in a ponytail, quite a cute girl. But, those cat ears on her head concern me. It’s not like I love cat ears but, my foremost thought was a cosplay cafe. Is what I thought but, no matter how you look those ears are moving. And even cutely with pikopiko.

„–, —?“

Beside the surprised me, the girl holds out a spoon with food. There’s no baby bottle so I’m being fed with a spoon like this.
The question remains but I’m hungry so I eat. The milk like meal with something mixed in it isn’t that delicious though.

„–! —-“

She fidget’s happily when I eat.
It’s a bit irritating but, for a while I concentrate on eating.

The meal is over but, the cat ear girl is smiling and gazing at me without tiring. Are you that, the type that has no eyes for cute things? I don’t have a mirror so I don’t even know if my appearance is cute or not. Leaving aside my appearance, my stomach is full too so let’s remove one question.

Precisely, are those cat ears real?

I point at the cat ears and try to appeal to let me touch them. No, not grabbing my finger, those ears. After thinking for some time the cat eared girl lowered her head and let me touch them. Un, they’re warm. I tried investigating until their root but, they’re properly growing from her head. This is the real thing.

„–! –, ——, –… …“

Like being immersed in a feeling too strong for words, cat eared girl claps her hands like she’s thought of something. Closing her eyes, rising her index finger she murmurs something.


At the last moment as she let out her voice with a spirit, suddenly fire appeared at the tip of her finger.

… …Eh, fire? There’s no lighter or anything like that though, where’s the fire coming from? Ah is that so, a sleight of hand trick? But fire’s, not something that floats in midair in a sphere like that.


While I’m being confused, the cat ear girl is happily rotating her finger.

In answer to that the fire sphere is doing impossible movements, and flying about the girl. I can’t see anything that’s the cause.

Is this [magic]… …maybe?


At the same time as I concluded this the blonde maid came back.

Noticing this the cat eared girl’s movements stopped, and the fire sphere disappeared with that. The blonde maid beckoned the cat eared girl with her hand without a word. A scary smile saying come here. Heading there the cat eared girl’s ears and tail drooped down downheartedly giving a healing feeling.

Cat ears and tail that normal people don’t have and magic exists.
In my previous life they existed nowhere in the whole world.
Thinking again, I should docilely admit reality.
This is… …not Earth.

It’s been three months since I woke up.

My neck is steady, it became possible to move by crawling around.

When the two maids aren’t watching escaping from the bed’s fence, I spent everyday concentrating on gathering information from the surroundings.
Moving around like that, my understanding of the current situation deepened. I confirmed this is not Earth, because there’s magic it would be good to call it [another world].
To think that, [another world reincarnation] that an otaku coworker of mine talked about would happen to me. It may have already ended once for me, but life’s really mysterious.
The culture level here, talking about Earth would be closest to medieval Europe. Light is mostly candles, there’s absolutely no electricity so that seems inconvenient, but there is magic in it’s place.
I’d like to move to new discoveries but, it’s almost meal time.
Let’s return to the room before maid comes. Today is probably the cat eared girl’s turn.

„Here, it’s time for a meal. I’ll feed you a lot. Say aah-~“

That’s right, I finally understand the unknown language. It’s probably also because of a baby’s learning ability, but mostly because of the cat eared girl. This girl is oddly talkative and speaks even irritatingly much. Being in the middle of a country’s language makes acquiring it fast. By understanding the language I also learned my name.

Sirius… …that is my new name.

The situations is unknown but, this is how I got my new name.
My previous name has disappeared but, as long as I have my self consciousness I’ll properly live as Sirius. I might be saying a cool line, but I’m currently being fed so it doesn’t fit.

„Have you finished eating?“

The blonde maid, revised to Erina-san came to look at the situation.  There’s absolutely no break in her appearance today either so she gives a expert maid’s appearance. She might be younger than I in my previous live, but it’s my style to give respect against a pro.

„Ah, yes. At any rate Sirius-sama really eats tidily. I’d heard it was harder to feed a baby?“
„It might be like that for a normal child, Sirius-sama is special. He will surely become a great person in future.“

She is a expert maid but, somewhat a doting parent.

I thought that Erina-san was certainly my parent but, listening to the conversation it seems wrong. Speech is like that towards a superior, rather an attendant than a maid. Because of that a doting parent might seem an odd expression but, the way she looks this way is completely like that of a parent. Thinking of my age, rather than doting servant a doting parent fits better.

„That’s right. It almost like he understands my words. Ah, at any rate he really is cute.“

The cat eared girl whose engrossed with me is named Noel-san.
She’s studying being a maid beside Erina-san but, hasn’t left childlikeness behind yet.

„I wonder when he’ll call me onee-chan? No, onee-sama is also hard to give up.“

Yeah, this girl can be addressed without honorific.

„The meal is over. Next I’ll ask you to clean.“

Leaving behind Noel-san who answered with energy, Erina-san left the room while carrying and holding me gently. Heading towards the entryway like that, it became the first time since I was born that I went outside.

„Today is warm. Let’s take a small stroll outside.“
„Yes, leave it to me.“

Erina-san takes me, and slowly walks around the house’s surroundings.

The house is a fine two-story building made out of wood. There are six rooms, it’s probably larger than average house. I’m being called with [-sama], so I thought I lived in some noble’s mansion. The yard is quite large, the vegetable garden and shrubs are arranged neatly.

And I realize after walking around the house once. This house, it’s completely surrounded by forest and there’s no sign of other buildings? There’s only a maintained road leading from a main entrance like place, everything else I see is only forest. A remote region style that can’t even be called rural area.

Sometimes from the thicket, a rabbit with a horn appears making me think this is an another world.

„Sirius-sama, that is called [horabi-]. It has a timid personality but, it’s a monster so don’t get close to it.“
//Shortened form of horned rabbit most likely

Hm, I expected this from when I saw magic but, it seems there are monsters in this world.

It seems like dragons and other fantasy creatures would normally be here, it seems I should start training my body from tomorrow on. Should I partly stop acting like a baby and begin training. If after a while I can show what I can do and show the speed of my growth, it seems that any feelings of mistrust towards unusual growth would lessen as well. A one month after learning to walk, it would be ideal they’d just smile and watch even if I jogged.

„Ara, is pruning over?“

Turning towards the voice, a young man wearing work clothes and carrying pruning shears walks out from between the trees.
To me this is the third person I discover.
A young man with short light-brown hair and sharp eyes, tall too, somehow brings out an hard to approach atmosphere. Seems like someone meeting him for the first time would hesitate to start talking with him.

„Apu has born fruit. Today I’ll bring some out for evening meal.“
//A fruit named apu, probably apple like?
„Is that so. It’s Noel’s favorite food, seems like she’d jump up and down from joy.“

He might not be good at conversation, words are few and straightforward. Expression hasn’t changed a bit from before, in my previous world it would definitely be communication sickness.
Probably noticing I was watching him, Erina-san introduces Dee.

„Sirius-sama, this is Dee. Our house’s gardener and chef.“
„Erina-sama, it’s impossible for a baby to understand.“
„That might be so but, I must properly introduce you.“
„… …That’s right. Please call me Dee, Sirius-sama“

Probably didn’t think I’d answer, Dee’s expression slightly crumbled.
Feels like a completely useless win.

„… …I’m looking forward to the future.“
„Yes, really.“

The two’s eyes narrow, gaze gathers here.
Future… …hm. Saying at the current time, training my body for trouble, only that. Before that, the person most involved with my future can’t be found.
I haven’t seen the figure even once, because there are no photos I don’t even know the face.
Intentionally avoiding it and completely ignoring the topic, I also kept pretending not to notice but, it’s already becoming quite strange.
I wonder, where are my parents?



„–… …ga–… … –swer… … Answer!“

A certain country, that is said to shoulder the center of the continent, In a president’s room of a multistory central building.
A room that normally has marble floors and expensive ornaments, now looks like it’s changed to a disaster scene.
Floor and walls broken by a bomb and gunfire, ornaments that are only junk now.
And the countless scattered —- dead bodies.
Blood is flowing from all the bodies, no matter how anyone looks their survival is hopeless.

No, there is only one moving figure.
A man wearing a protection suit that looks like a full body tights.
The man tries to rise from lying face down, but continues to fall down unable to support his body.
Giving up standing, the man crawls forward, rests his back against a nearby wall and pauses for a breath.
And in his ear, presses a switch on earphone type communication device.

„… …Yeah, here… … code Axel.“

„Are you okay!? Report the situation!“

In the midst of countless bodies, only one is wearing clearly higher class clothes.
Not only in the forehead but the whole body is covered in bullet wounds, the shape somewhat destroyed by the bombs shockwave, this building’s owner, the man’s target.

„The target is… …taken care of. All that’s left… …cough, cleaning up… …right?“
„Wait! That’s the last measure. Hurry and escape!“
„Ha, haha… …that’s impossible.“

The man looks at his body.
Multiple gunshots in abdomen, left leg missing from knee downwards.
No feeling in the left hand, a body that even speaking is painful with, utterly embodies the meaning of full body scar.
With only his right hand moving, he takes out a small terminal from his pocket, and releases it’s safety device.
It’s a control device for explosives.
Calculated, countless set up explosives, will reliable collapse the building if activated.
Involving the unmoving man laying here.

„Don’t give up! Pick up will come soon! Oi, prepare the helicopter! Permission? Leave that later!“

The other side of the transmission becomes noisy.
It looks like the man’s partner is desperately giving orders but, there is no more time left.
As the man opens his mouth to tell him to stop, there is a sound of door opening from the transmission.


It was the man’s apprentices voices.
Between the hurried noises, he hears five boys and girls arrive at the microphone, he hear’s the yells of the students.

„Teacher, please don’t give up!“
„We’ll come and get you, please wait!“
„There’s still many things we want to be taught!“
„Promised… … didn’t you?“
„Teacher! Teacher… …fa, fa……ther! father!“

Even though he before the mission told there was a possibility this could happen, it looks like the students couldn’t bear it.
Their spirit is still inexperienced worries him but, the affection makes him feel happy.
Mustering his strength, the man gives an order.

„Form a line!“
[[[!? Yes!]]]

Seed of the training, the flustered students answer without any disorder.

„What I want to say… …you know… …right?“
[[[Don’t stop walking forward!]]]
„That’s… …good. You guys… …will be fine. Have confidence and… …live“
[[[… …Yes!]]]

It seems the students are desperately holding back tears, but their voices are tearful no matter how you listen, they are probably shedding a flood of tears by now.

„Fu… … sorry, for my students.“
„No… …no problem. It’s their right.“
„Is that so.“
„Is it… …already impossible?“
„That it would come to this… …you knew… …right?“
„… …yeah“

Troubled, conflicted voice that finally leaked after being pushed down.

„I’ve.. …left… …something. I can go… …with a smile“
„… …Leave the rest to me“
„I leave it to you. With you… …being together… …was… …fun.“
„That’s my line.“

The man has lost too much blood, his eyes can’t see and his mind is becoming faint.
Even with the result being this, the plan was a success.
I’ve entrusted everything I have.
Only the last job is left.
With the strength he had left the man pressed the switch.
Countlessly resounding explosions.
They became gradually larger, and finally reached the man’s floor.
The rubble falling down, the man accepted and felt with his body.
And then the man… …